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Limerence Limerick


My limerant nature did fail

and landed me smack dab in jail

I should have just balked

But instead I stalked

“Hey love, can you please get me bail”?

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6 degrees of ragabash

Ragabash – I wasn’t familiar with the word. But, when I said it in my head, it came out

Rag-rag-rag, rag-rag-abash

Rag-rag-rag, rag-rag-abash


That’s The Beach Boys Barbara Ann, with ragabash substitution.

So yeah, it’s stuck in my head now (Barbara Ann, not ragabash. That would just be ridiculous)

Ragabash reminds me of Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann reminds me of The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys remind me of Mike Love

Mike Love reminds me of Kevin Love (Mike’s nephew and Cleveland Cavaliers center/power forward)

Kevin Love reminds me of LeBron James

LeBron James reminds me of ha ha you lost the championship to Golden State booyah see ya byeeeeee

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The Pickled Juggler


I threw a sword into the air, a chainsaw and a sickle

But then the sun got in my eyes and I was in a pickle

I tried to step away from harm and let them hit the ground

The chainsaw cut off my left ear, the sickle bonked my crown

Deciding where to stand when juggling death is an easy task

Just have the sun in back of you, or it will kick your ass

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Purple is the oddest color
in sight, it does imbue
it’s a mix of my least favorite color red
and my favorite color, blue

when it shines from the crown, or the cape of a king
it’s regal, and I do adore
but I’m not as apt to be a great fan
if it appears on a big dinosaur

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Back when I was in my twenties, Nightmare was one of the words I used when I went through one of my many word phases. You know, when for some odd reason you latch on to a word and use it ad nauseum. It was usually preceded by an expletive.

I finally came out to my parents as gay in the Summer of ’79. Like they didn’t already know from the time I was 2. It wasn’t really my decision. I had left a flyer that was an ad for an upcoming drag show on the dashboard of my car. My mom saw it. So, I had to provide an explanation. It was a nightmare.

AIDS was just coming to the forefront and there was all that inchoate information and hysteria about it. My mom cried for a few days. Then, there were the where did I go wrong questions. Then after about a week it was well, let’s just not talk about it. My stepfather, Carl, suggested that I move to San Francisco. My sister was basically like, “Well, duhhhhhhh”!

So, after suspicions were finally confirmed, and everyone knew for sure – with the exception of my grandparents (because according to my mom it would just kill them) and a few other relatives – I began living a little bit more out of the closet.

That’s when the nightmare phase began.

How was work?
oh my god girlfriend it was a f*#king nightmare!

How was traffic?
oh my god girlfriend it was a f*#king nightmare!

How was your date?
oh my god girlfriend it was a f*#king nightmare!

My nightmare phase pretty much coincided with my girlfriend phase

After a while I stopped using nightmare in every other sentence (the girlfriend phase lasted for another 7 or 8 years, and ocassionally pops up in stressful, or overly-dramatic situations).

Girlfriend, that car came out of NOWHERE!

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So I’ve seen 2 prompts today. Sitcom and Flexibility. So, I’ll combine the two. Over at the now-defunct daily prompt, which already seems eons ago and I’m totally over it, there was only one prompt. Now, they’re all over the place. That’s not really a bad thing. Restarting something, like prompts, can’t be easy. It takes flexibility. Getting 7 people to stay committed must be a somewhat arduous task.

There is a new Ragtag daily prompt page that was started. I heard through the grapevine that it will go live in a few days. If you don’t already do the newly-formed ragtag prompt, and you’re one of the 10s of people that follow me, then you can subscribe to it to get daily prompts.

This post really isn’t about letting the creative juices flow. It’s more for information. There are several people committed to making it work, so I hope it becomes a fruitful venture.

Yours Truly,

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Flummoxed and bewildered
puzzled and perplexed
my brain does discombobulate
when taking a math test

The numbers muddle up my brain
as neurons start to misfire
transported to the Baskervilles
I’m sucked into the deep mire

Some people aren’t the kind of chaps
where numbers adapt to brain
so if I see another

If a train is traveling 200 miles an hour

I just may go insane

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein said that. I have a t-shirt with a picture of him and the first part of the quote on it. It’s old and has rips in it. I can’t throw it away.

Most of my interests are right brain and imagination driven. Music, art, literature. As a music major in college, I focused on composition. I never became a world famous composer, but I have had pieces performed.

When it comes to art, I’m not a natural. I do however get inspiration from the masters, which carries over into other areas of my life. I tend to favor the more abstract and innovative. And I have a deep fondness for the Impressionists.

I have enough imagination to never be bored. I know so many people who don’t understand that concept.

You have to rely on yourself, and not others, for life enrichment. Even if I know I might not be good at something, I’ll still make an attempt. Being open to new concepts and ideas helps to become a more well-rounded person.

The more you use your imagination, the more it grows. I’ve accomplished things that I thought would never be possible, just by using a little imagination and making an attempt.