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The Supportive Parents

“So”, asked his father, “What is your favorite color”?


“Oh no, that’s an ugly color. Only girls like pink. Pick something else”.

“I don’t want to pick something else”, he said, “I like pink”.

“Why don’t you go think about it for a while, and come back later with a better answer”.

A while later, his mother say him crying in his room.

“What’s wrong honey”?

“Daddy said I can’t like pink. He said it’s ugly and only girls like it.”

“Sweetie, don’t ever let anyone tell you what to like. You are a unique individual. You can like and do and be whatever you want. Now dry your eyes and tell me what you want to be when you grow up”.

“A policeman”!

“Oh no honey, that’s too dangerous. Pick something else”.