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Song Lyric Sunday – Game

Song Lyric Sunday – Game

When an alternative/indie song from 2018 sounds like it came right out of the 60s.

Finally Mine was this years NBA Finals theme song. So, it fits the game category.

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Song Lyric Sunday – Dream

Song Lyric Sunday

This was a tough decision for me. I’m a big fan of shoegaze, dreampop, sadcore, metalgaze, turntablism, chopped and screwed, dark wave, ethereal wave, and witch house. They are all great genres for creating a go to sleep playlist. I narrowed it down to 5 and decided to go with The Horror by RJD2 (from the 2002 Deadringer album). The video does have a dreamlike quality. Plus, he uses really cool samples in it.

(Time, time, time, time, time)

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the monster. (Monster, monster, monster, monster.)

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)

(Time, time, time, time, time)

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)

I will amuse myself with terror and murder…

From what grave did I come?

Of what evil mixture was I compounded?

I have time, all the time I need to put an end to you

You’ve come to find me, to destroy the monster. (Monster, monster, monster, monster)

I am real!

(No, no, no) no one

No one is safe

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

(Time, time, time, time, time) Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

Time, time, time, time, time to understand the world

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Song Lyric Sunday

Song Lyric Sunday

The theme is hours/minutes/seconds

Waiting for the break of day
Searching for something to say
Dancing lights againnst the sky
Giving up I close my eyes
Sitting cross-legged on the floor
25 or 6 to 4

Staring blindly into space
Getting up to splash my face
Wanting just to stay awake
Wondering how much I can take
Should have tried to do some more
25 or 6 to 4

Feeling like I ought to sleep
Spinning room is sinking deep
Searching for something to say
Waiting for the break of day
25 or 6 to 4
25 or 6 to 4

Songwriters: Robert Lamm

This song is from the album Chicago. It was released in June, 1970, a month before my 13th birthday, so it was pretty much a staple during my teen years. We played it in marching band. It is a Chicago classic.

I had no clue what the song was about until years later. Some interpreted it as a drug reference. Some thought it was a mystical thing. It was banned in Singapore.

Actually, it’s a time reference. It’s 25, or 26 minutes until 4 o’clock. So, it’s 3:34, or 3:35 a.m. He’s trying to write a song in the early hours of the morning. I feel stupid for not figuring it out when I was a kid, but back then we thought every song had some kind of mystical, or drug related message.

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Desert Island Playlist

You’re stuck on a desert island with only a 20 song playlist. What are the songs?

Click on the song to listen

Can’t See the Sun by Fjord Rowboat

Love Fade by Tamaryn

Teenage Exorcists by Mogwai

Release the Kraken by The Daysleepers

Friend Hospital by Nada Surf

Kill for Candy by Dreamcar

Summer’s Gone by Stargazer Lilies

Gun Shy by Widowspeak

13 Beaches by Lana Del Rey

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You by Lesley Gore

Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Dodged a Bullet by Greg Laswell

Light My Fire by The Doors

New World in the Morning by Roger Whittaker

Vergis Meine Namen by Michelle

Nur Liebe in Kopf by Matthias Reim

Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds

Harlem Nocturne by Georgie Auld

Fascination Waltz

Of course, only picking 20 is not an easy feat, but I think I can live with this list.

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Convenient Music

I love my Amazon Echo. I pay the $3.99 a month for unlimited songs (for the most part) via Amazon. I love how specific it is. I can say play jazz from 1957 to 1963 and it will do it. You can even do it by month and genre. The only thing is that if different versions of a song are out there, it might play the song 2 or 3 times in a row. I’ve had that happen.

There are all kinds of games you can play on it, but I’m already over that. I use it mostly for music, or as the occasional timer.

I also have the iTunes music subscription. There are more obscure songs available on it. I can link the phone to the Echo to play them, but it seems like the sound quality isn’t as good.

I don’t really use Pandora anymore. Ads after every 4 or 5 songs. I don’t feel like paying for the no ads version. I have those other two subscriptions, so it’s pointless.

There are so many ways to listen to music nowadays. I even still bring out the vinyl every once in a while. Especially for jazz.

But, it’s just so convenient to say Alexa, play so and so…

I like all kinds of music. So, I go through phases. One week it might be nothing but metal; or the Beatles; or Jimi Hendrix. Sometimes I mix it up. I have playlists of my favorite songs. Sometimes I’ll listen to that. It all depends on mood, or what I’m doing. If I’m reading, crime, pulp, or murder mysteries I’ll listen to CSI music.

I remember how back in the day, I would sit around for hours waiting for my favorite songs to come on the radio, so I could record them on my tape recorder. The kind with a microphone. You had to be quiet as not to pick up background noise. I remember having cassettes of music with my mom, or sister talking in the background. Or somebody coughing or sneezing. When the straight from radio to cassette came out I was so excited. No background noise.

Now, it’s all so convenient. Younger people don’t know how good the have it.

But, I must admit, it was more personal and adventurous back them. I would get so excited when a song I liked came on the radio. Now, I can just tell some device to play it. Convenience kind of takes the fun and mystery out of it.