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Today, like any other day

Work was average. I was outside most of the time and it was super-hot. Mid 90s with high humidity. Mark acted like his stupid macho usual self. Actually kinda worse. If I hear that how he got shot story one more time I’m going to scream. I think Friday is his last day. I hope he doesn’t return from beyond.

Some lady ran into the side of the building with her car. She jumped the curb. Part of the outside of the building is jacked. Loose bricks and all that. The inside is pushed in and there are big wood splinters all over. Plus, the window is goofed up and all askew. I’m just glad nobody was standing there, or walking by. I don’t see anybody surviving that. I must be bad luck, because everywhere I’ve gone or been this week has some kind of weird stuff happen. It’s either coincidence, or I’m Carrie.

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