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The Trapeze Suicide Squad


There once were some men debonair

Who liked to fly high in the air

Yo, look at us please

We are on the trapeze

Then they fell to the ground without care

Early Retirement

I need to retire early tonight

So that I can function as a proper person tomorrow

Today was packed full of lethargy and sorrow

I was a curmudgeonous zombie

I was a prick

I was, well…I was myself

But that’s beside the point

Tomorrow I will be a curmudgenous zombie prick

Who’s had eight hours sleep

My compendious nature, of which I’m proud, does render me Succinct

My answers will be epigrammatic, pithy, short and sweet

But when I drink the alcohol, I am no longer laconic

I am a big old blabbermouth, with talk that’s supersonic


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Purple is the oddest color
in sight, it does imbue
it’s a mix of my least favorite color red
and my favorite color, blue

when it shines from the crown, or the cape of a king
it’s regal, and I do adore
but I’m not as apt to be a great fan
if it appears on a big dinosaur

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My Brain it Abrades

I willy over here

I nilly over there

I intense over yonder

I retreat and then ponder

then stop

then change

I passion over this

I obsess over that

I tango to the closet

and waltz back with a hat

that’s new

that’s different

when will I stop

this jack of all trades?

the itching and scratching

my brain it abrades