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My Movie Stats

Three movies that made me cry (where I actually made sobbing noises and snot ran out of my nose)

Mr. Holland’s Opus
Imitation of Life
Madame X

Three movies that gave me nightmares

Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
I was 7 and my parents took me to see the stupid thing. That whole muddy and creepy-looking Joseph Cotten scene, and headless Bruce Dern terrified me for what seemed like years. I would sleep with the covers over my head.

Night of the Living Dead

I went with my cousins Ricky and Jeff when I was 15. It was on a double bill with Gruesome Twosome. I had knots in my stomach the whole time. Then we had to walk home in the dark.


That creepy movie with Joan Crawford. Nightmares for weeks.

Three movies I’ve never seen

The Godfather

Three movies I walked out of


I seriously almost threw up. I had to go to the lobby twice. I finally said fuck it and left. I was 19 and it was the initial release of the movie.


Idk, I just got bored

The Legend of Boggy Creek

It was just stupid

Three movies that made me queasy and almost throw up.


See above


I hated that movie so much. That stupid puppet thing. I wanted to leave, but I was with friends and didn’t want to look like a big baby.

Blood Feast

Three movies I’ve seen more than 50 times

Meet Me in St. Louis
Diamonds are Forever
Night of the Living Dead

Three movies that were supposed to be sad in parts, but I laughed and made fun of them (in the movie theater)

The Promise (1979)

My friend Sherry and I guffawed like hyenas

Terms of Endearment

The Debra Winger death scene

Steel Magnolias

Same as above, just insert Julia Roberts

Three movies that I absolutely detest

The Notebook

You’d seriously have to bribe me big time to watch that thing again

Ocean’s 11 (remake with George Clooney)

I just hate it

Erin Brockovich

Three movies that I went to see every day for 2 weeks +

The Poseidon Adventure

I was going through my I’m in love with Gene Hackman phase

The Towering Inferno

The Sting

I was going through my I’m in love with Robert Redford phase

Three R or X rated movies that I got into even though I was underage and without a parent or guardian

Midnight Cowboy

I was 12. I just bought a ticket and nobody said anything.

The Exorcist

My dad wouldn’t take me. I was 14 and had the beginnings of a mustache. So, I decided to try it on my own. Again, the just let me in no questions asked.

Magnum Force

I was 15.