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Fowc with Fandango – Contract

Ever since I updated my iPad, I can’t do pingbacks the way I used to. I don’t know how to do it any other way. Same with the phone. Oh well.So, the word is contract. I guess people read contracts all the way through. I don’t. One time, I was on a game show and the contract was about 25 pages long. I was sequestered – surrounded by a 4 x 4 black curtain – in what I thought was a bunker, but I think it was really a basement in a tv and movie studio in Burbank. It was so eerie. There were about 20 of us and we were all separated by those black curtains. We weren’t allowed to see or speak to each other. We got herded in separately to our curtain room and given a contract.I read the first page. Initial each line and sign the bottom. All I remember is: If there are technical difficulties during filming and you somehow hear or receive answers or clues, you must inform us. You can’t be on another game show for a year.You can’t write a book, or blog about your experience for 3 years.If you know someone from the staff, or any of the other contestants you must report it. You will pay all taxes on winnings.That’s all I remember. About 20-25 pages of this kind of stuff. Who’s going to remember all that? Not me. I didn’t even read most of it. I just initialed and signed. I scanned some of it. One of the other contestants and I kept getting in trouble for talking when we weren’t supposed to. Finally, this big lesbian production lady with a headset screamed at us. STOP FUCKING TALKING! We shut up. Anyway, I guess I must have followed all of the rules because I never got sued or anything. Plus, I was a 3 time champion and got all my money, so I guess I did everything right.
When I posted this all the paragraphs ran together. Wtf

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  1. I think there is something seriously wrong with the latest update to the WordPress iOS app. Likes, pingbacks, and other features that were working before I downloaded the update are no longer working right. Gah!

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