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Today, like any other day

Work was average. I was outside most of the time and it was super-hot. Mid 90s with high humidity. Mark acted like his stupid macho usual self. Actually kinda worse. If I hear that how he got shot story one more time I’m going to scream. I think Friday is his last day. I hope he doesn’t return from beyond.

Some lady ran into the side of the building with her car. She jumped the curb. Part of the outside of the building is jacked. Loose bricks and all that. The inside is pushed in and there are big wood splinters all over. Plus, the window is goofed up and all askew. I’m just glad nobody was standing there, or walking by. I don’t see anybody surviving that. I must be bad luck, because everywhere I’ve gone or been this week has some kind of weird stuff happen. It’s either coincidence, or I’m Carrie.

I lost some more followers. I rarely look at the stats. I don’t care one way or the other. It went from 49 to 46. I could have 0 followers. Its all the same to me.

My phone is officially dead. Too bad people who try to call me. One less grid, for now. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. A new one, sure. Eventually. I don’t know what kind, though. There’s so much crap going on around here right now, I’m just not in the mood to run out and get one. No matter how angsty I get.

Arkansas won the first game in the CWS last night. If we win tonight, we will be the College World Series champions. It’s about time we were good in something. The game last night was a little controversial and those announcers got on my last damn nerve, but whatever 😐.

I’m listening to Seether. They’re pretty good. A little too pop sounding at times. I need to switch over to something more hardcore. I really liked the doom metal station on SomaFM, but they only have that station around Halloween.

Are you effing kidding me. I just asked Alexa to play death metal, and Good Luck Charm By Elvis came on. What the hell. Ok, I just said Alexa next and it played an appropriate song. What the hell was Elvis doing on it.

I took a shower and everything when I got home, but I’m still trying to cool down. Two years ago I got heatstroke from being outside in this stupid Arkansas Summer weather. Everybody else is like, “Oh, I love Summer”. No, give me 40 degrees any day.

I have to go to a funeral on Friday. Time to bring out the funeral/wedding shirt. Most of my clothes are, idk, super casual. Mostly t shirts. I also have about 20 different colors of polos. Well, the cheap ones from Kohl’s anyway. Plus, I’m going to have to wear the big clunky Frankenstein dress shoes. They make you feel like you’re walking in cement. They’re sooooo heavy. Or, I’m a just a lazy ass who won’t pick up his feet. I have sensitive feet because I’m a third degree foot burn victim. Deep scar tissue that can rip on a whim. It’s quite annoying.

I’m not sure what’s for dinner. Probably those 3 candy bars I bought on the way home from work. Maybe leftover pizza. Nutritional stuff.

2 thoughts on “Today, like any other day

  1. My advice on blog stats is to ignore them, unless you are building a “blog for profit.” If followers and likes and comments are your goal . . . There are things you can do to accomplish that goal. I think you are doing fine. I enjoy your blog. Better to have 40 some people that really like your blog following you than hundreds that follow you to get you to follow them.

    Write on, Bob.


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