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So, the guy from Mr. Sparky came and fixed the ceiling fan that fell out the ceiling last night. It wasn’t even running. I already did a post about it so I’m not gonna rehash. My sister came home on her lunch break to meet the guy and, idk, explain it from the woman’s side or something. He saw her military shadow box and awards, so they talked about that. She always gets thanked for her service. She’s even gotten out of speeding tickets because of the veteran bumper sticker.

Anyway, she was here for about 30 minutes and went back to work. The guy explained to me all about what he was going to do and then went up in the creepy attic to put in some new thing and blah blah blah. I had to resist every urge I had to want to help. I do that even when I have no clue what’s going on. I always want to make people’s jobs easier.

The attic is super hot, so he was like, “Do you mind if I take my shirt off”? No, seriously, go ahead. I had one of those erotic fix-it guy fantasies for about 2 seconds, then told myself to grow up.

He was a talker. He worked quick, but talked the whole time. I didn’t mind. Normally, I do. Oh yeah, he also fixed the smoke alarm which, for some odd reason, wasn’t connected correctly. I blame that on the same ghost that made the ceiling fan just magically fall out of the ceiling.

I signed everything that I was supposed to sign. It was all covered in a warranty. No cost.

It was all quick and painless. Since I always imagine he WORST scenario, I just knew that it would be some super-complicated thing that would take weeks or even months. I tell myself to stop doing that, but the second I do, it really will be a super-complicated thing that takes forever.

This post has nothing to do with temper. Tempter maybe, because of the shirt thing. Idk. 😐

Oh yeah, my house burned down and I lost everything on August 8, 1988. That’s 8/8/88. It was an electrical issue. So, when I saw that phone number I was like, “umm, gee, I don’t know about this”.

and then somebody rebuilt on that lot, and 4 years ago a tornado came through the town and killed 5 people. Two were in that house. So yeah, it’s a voodoo lot.

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Questions about food

1. Do you enjoy food from countries that are not your own?

I like Mexican and Italian. Japanese, if it’s just chicken and rice.

2. When you prepare salad for yourself, do you rip your greens (lettuce, spinach, &c…), or do you cut them?

Salad? What’s that. No seriously, I rip it. Why dirty up a knife.

3. There’s a saying that goes: “Life is short, eat dessert first.”  What do you think of that advice?

I do it in buffets.

4. Have you ever thrown spaghetti against the wall to test for doneness? — If it sticks, it’s done (so they say) — What other such kitchen habits might you have?

I’ve done the spaghetti thing. And then the novelty wore off. Now, I just set a timer for 10 minutes.

5. How often do you eat fish?

Never. I don’t like fish. Except tuna with mayonnaise and relish.

6. When purchasing food for yourself, do you check the nutritional label? If so, what are you checking for?

Occasionally, but it’s not a habit.

7. How often do you eat salad as a meal?

If I see myself in a picture and go, “omg, I’m fat”, then I might eat a salad. Then I’m like, ” okay, I guess I’m skinny now”.

8. Do you have any food quirks? For example: do you arrange a particular food in a certain way before eating? Or eat certain foods in a particular way every time? (i.e.: bite the heads off of gummy bears)

I can’t use condiments that are the same color as the food. E.g. Mustard on cheese, ketchup on hot dogs, mayonnaise on white bread.

9. When boiling water for pasta or whatnot, what are your “tricks” for keeping the water from boiling over?

I jus make sure I have a big pot.

10. Are there any recipes that have been passed down through the generations in your family? Have you passed them to anyone outside of your family? or are they a closely guarded secret?


11. In general, how do you feel about “diet” foods? Meaning: foods with artificial sweeteners or alternative fats in them. For example: Diet soda or low fat muffins.

I liked Coke Zero until they changed it to Coke Zero Sugar. They said it was the same, but they’re big fat liars. Now, I drink diet 7up. It has the least amount of aftertaste.

12. Have you purchased food online? What do you think about that idea?

No. I lied. Cookies

13. When cooking for you and yours, what kinds of experiments have you tried?

I throw crap in the microwave. That’s tricky enough.

14. Do you now, or have you ever, grown or raised any of the food you eat?


15. Are you a vegetarian? If not, has the idea of becoming one ever crossed your mind?


16. When arranging the food on your plate, does everything have to be separated, or is it okay for your food to touch?

I mush it all together.

17. When eating out, what foods on the menu might push you out of your comfort zone? (for example: pineapple on pizza makes some people twitch)

Anything from the ocean, or water.

18. Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, what kinds of foods generally satisfy the craving?

Yes. Cake and donuts

19. What foods (if any) do you like to mix that other people might find strange?

I’ll dip a tuna sandwich in ketchup.

20. When eating out, at what kind of restaurant do you prefer to dine?


21. In general, how do you feel about organic food?

I have no thoughts on it

22. What foods (if any) do you eat when you are happy or unhappy?

Skittles and gummy bears