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So, four people at work have quit. The actual big boss left last week. Three others have a week left. Normally, that would be a big deal, but that is only going to leave 7 of us, and 3 of them have limited work schedules.

With the exception of one, they are all going to the same place. They have been trying to get me, through guilt etc., to follow them. My allegiance is to no one. My former boss was utterly convinced that I would drop everything and follow her. She is what you would call the ultimate micro-manager. It’s so annoying.

In six years (July 10, 2012), I have never been late or called in sick. I have only taken 3 vacations. Yet, she treated me the roughest. The people who got away with murder were pampered.

The ones leaving tried everything they could to brainwash me into leaving. They couldn’t, however, answer my questions. How much money? Hours? It was always, “Well, I’m not sure. Let’s wait and see”.
I’m sorry but I don’t play that game. Besides, I’m fine where I am.

My allegiance is to myself, and not to making your new job life easier.

Things will probably be rough for a while. There is a lot going on right now and my workload will be doubled. It’s nothing I can’t handle. They have no bones about leaving us in a lurch as I have no bones about telling them to fuck themselves and the horse they you rode in on.