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20 Random Things

  1. I work with 3 people who can’t tell time by using a regular clock. It has to be digital.
  2. When I was a kid, I was trapped on the school bus for 11 hours during a blizzard.
  3. In college, my only D was in voice lessons.
  4. My freshman Music Theory teacher got busted in the bathroom at Dillard’s for having sex with another guy. He blew his brains out before it hit the papers.
  5. I was born on the exact same day as Hart Hanson, the creator of bones.
  6. I’ve had a mustache since I was 17 and a beard since I was 20.
  7. The first 45 I ever bought with my own money was Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night.
  8. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the day after she retired, and died 4 months later on Mother’s Day. My dad also died on Mother’s Day in 1980. I don’t like Mother’s Day.
  9. My dad asked my mom for a divorce on Christmas Eve, 1973.
  10. When I learned that Kennedy had been assassinated, I was eating a bologna (baloney) sandwich.
  11. My great grandfather was a bank robber (one of them was). I had 4.
  12. The only songs I’ve ever sung at karaoke are Georgy Girl, and the Theme to Mr. Ed.
  13. In college band, we played a piece called Paradigm, but my director always pronounced in pair-a-dig-um. He didn’t know any different.
  14. I hate Sugar Smacks cereal.
  15. I peed next to Tommy Lee from Motley Crue.
  16. I’m not psychic, even though most people think I’m a mind reader because I’m supposed to know what they want without them telling me.
  17. I have an autographed picture of Leona Helmsley.
  18. Its 10:52 and I really should be asleep.
  19. It’s still 10:52
  20. Tonight Arkansas got one step closer to being in the college World Series. Go Hogs.

6 thoughts on “20 Random Things

  1. Eleven hours on a bus in a blizzard! That must have been some ordeal, and I’m glad y’all made it out! …It’s weird what we remember we were doing when we hear awful news, like the assassination of JFK. I was in 7th grad English class when an announcement came over the loud speaker.

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    1. The bus thing was in the upper peninsula of Michigan when I was in middle school in 1969. My dad was stationed there. They let us out at noon, but it got really bad. 4 busses were stranded. The main issue was the bathroom problem. We got home finally at 11. My bus did anyway. I was in first grade when the JFK thing happened. I would go home to eat lunch because the school was just a few blocks away. So, I got my news from the tv.

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