I love when I’m watching old CSI episodes (like now) and they mention streets that I used to live on, or near.

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Jolly Roger

Three Things challenge

The words are Jolly Roger, guitar, and iceberg

Roger was always ever so jolly

His life was filled with fun and folly

His guitar was romantic

He played on the Titanic

Then an iceberg sank the ship, oh my golly.

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Dazed and Sex-Confused


I don’t know why I’m telling this story, but the word is candor, so…

When I was 19, even though I was gay, I had sex with a girl named Valerie. I was totally infatuated with a guy named Paul. He was straight, of course. This was always the case whenever I developed a crush.

I found out through my inner circle grapevine that Paul had had sex with Valerie. Valerie was in my group of hang out friends. Paul was not.

I had first met Valerie when she just came up and started talking to me during the intermission of some school play I was attending. We became friends.

Each of our small group of friends merged into one bigger group. The group consisted of:

Trudy, whose doctor father bought her a new car every time her current car’s ashtray became full; or so it seemed (we all smoked. Cigarettes and pot).
Vanessa, Valerie’s younger sister by one year.
Walter, who had 7 brothers and sisters and was very flamboyant.
Jack, a fellow percussionist who was really into jazz and had a twin sister.
John, the resident comedian, and clarinet-playing weightlifter.
Sylvia, who had her own house, and hosted our late night weekend parties.

Valerie had developed a crush on me. I finally figured out that’s why she started talking to me in the first place. She was fairly promiscuous.

So, when I found out that she had had sex with Paul, I figured it was a way to indirectly connect with him. It caused all kinds of complications, of course. We began hating each other.

After a while, the group split back into its original 2 clans. So, I went back to hanging out with Jack, John, and Sylvia. My infatuation with Paul lessened. I would see him and think of Valerie. By the same token, I would see Valerie and think of Paul. It was all so confusing.

The next year, my sister, who was a freshman, joined our group. It stayed intact until we all left school.

Jack became the band director at a Catholic High School. He’s still there. He sometimes performs in a group at the VFW.

Sylvia became the band director at a high school of a small Arkansas town. She’s still there.

John became the music instructor at a school for the blind and deaf. He’s still there. He plays in a Dixieland jazz band on the weekends.

My sister joined the military and retired a Master Sergeant.

I don’t know what happened to the others.