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6 degrees of ragabash

Ragabash – I wasn’t familiar with the word. But, when I said it in my head, it came out

Rag-rag-rag, rag-rag-abash

Rag-rag-rag, rag-rag-abash


That’s The Beach Boys Barbara Ann, with ragabash substitution.

So yeah, it’s stuck in my head now (Barbara Ann, not ragabash. That would just be ridiculous)

Ragabash reminds me of Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann reminds me of The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys remind me of Mike Love

Mike Love reminds me of Kevin Love (Mike’s nephew and Cleveland Cavaliers center/power forward)

Kevin Love reminds me of LeBron James

LeBron James reminds me of ha ha you lost the championship to Golden State booyah see ya byeeeeee

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