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The simplest of things bug me. Just peeves that don’t really matter to anyone but me. Here are a few:

People who shuffle their feet when they walk. If it’s a medical condition, fine, I can deal. If they’re just lazy asses I scream inside.

I seen. You hear it on ESPN all the time. I seent is a gazillion time worse. I saw/I have seen

Mischievous. I hear mis-Chee-vee-us all the time. Drives me nuts. There is no I or E after the V, so it can’t be 4 syllables. It’s Mischa-vus.

When people pronounce the T in often. Sure, a ton of people do it, and it’s become acceptable. It just sounds wrong and makes my skin crawl.

Coupon. I say cue-pon. I’ve finally learned to live with coo-pon. But cue-pin drives me batty. I live in the south, so I near it a lot.

Let’s go to the store. I got a cue-pin for some mayonnaise


4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I agree with everything except coupon. I am guilty of saying “coo-pon.” But hey, I don’t add a t to “often” and I don’t take four syllables to say “mischievous” and I don’t say “I seen” or shuffle my feet when I walk. So I can’t be all bad.

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  2. Oh, I feel your pain. What you hear on TV from broadcasters is just horrible. Maybe because most sportscasters were athletes that got through school playing a game instead of learning how to speak the English language.


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