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I have a part-time job in retail. One of the things that we do when people are making purchases is ask them for their phone number. Most people comply. Some graciously. Some by making a face.

And some say no. Sometimes nicely. Sometimes not.

The people who are not nice about it tell me that we are just going to sell their numbers to telemarketers, or call them. Why on earth would we call them? To chat?

I explain to them that if they want to make a return, and have lost their receipt, we can look up their purchase by their phone number. That way they will get their money back in the original form, as opposed to having it put on a merchandise card.

Also, if they have special ordered something, we can call them when it arrives.

Some people still won’t give their number. That’s fine. It’s not a requirement. It just makes things easier for them later.

One time somebody ordered some furniture. They didn’t want to give their phone number or e-mail. I said, “We have to call you when it gets here”. She said, “You can write me a letter”. Really, a letter. I’m all for writing letters, but that’s a ridiculous time for it. Especially in the 21st century.

Having a phone number or e-mail in our system makes things so much easier for the customer in the long run. Some people don’t see it that way. They make the Assumption that we have nefarious ulterior motives. Actually, it’s just too make or job easier in the long run.


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